Old screensaver

William A. Mahaffey III wam at hiwaay.net
Sat Aug 29 19:34:54 UTC 2015

Whenever I mess around w/ the screensaver on my FreeBSD 9.3R-p21 desktop 
(XFCE 4.12_1, last upgraded last week), it puts up a warning window 
whining about how old my screensaver is & telling me my distro is doing 
me a disservice for shipping such old software. I am of course not 
buying it, but am curious why that bit of software apparently hasn't 
been upgraded in a while (long enough for it or something else to whine 
about it). It is version 5.29 of xscreensaver, says it is dated Jun 
2014, which I don't consider to be terribly old, but apparently newer is 
available. *Not* a big issue, but curious, any input from wiser heads ? 
TIA & have a good one.


	William A. Mahaffey III


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