adding packages during jails creation

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at
Sat Aug 29 12:44:14 UTC 2015

Vijay Rajah wrote:
> Ben,
> Looks interesting.. did not get a chance to read the docs completely.
> Do you know if I can switch over my existing jails  from ezjail to 
> iocage?
> -Thanks
> Vijay
> On 28/08/15 3:35 pm, Ben Woods wrote:
>> On Friday, August 28, 2015, Vijay Rajah <me at> wrote:
>>> My question is how can I automate installation of ports, instead of me
>>> manually installing these packages on every Jail?
>>> -Thanks
>>> Vijay
>> Hi Vijay,
>> If you use iocage for jail management instead of ezjail, you can use its
>> pkglist keyword to automatically install a list of packages in a file as
>> the jail is created.
>> Documented here:
>> Hope that helps,
>> -Ben

If I remember correctly iocage jails are based on zfs and the 
methodology employed is totally different that the one used in ezjail 
zfs jails.
You may want to check out qjail, it also has option to auto install 
pkg's listed in a flat file as well as a few other methods to accomplish 
the same thing and  is UFS based. No mater which jail tool you use, 
changing from one to another is going to require a complete re-creation 
of your jail(8) environment.

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