How to change a 'class'

Michael Beasley youvegotmoxie at
Sat Aug 29 00:47:06 UTC 2015

> On Aug 28, 2015, at 7:22 PM, reg at wrote:
> I just brought up FreeBSD 10.2, and when it asked for
> a class for my user account, I said 'system' rather
> than 'wheel' which I assume would have been correct
> to allow me to 'su' from my user account.
> How do I delete 'system' and add 'wheel'?
> And yes I know the simplest solution would probably
> be to delete the account and do it right the first
> time arround.
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You can either edit /etc/groups or use `pw group mod system -d reg` to remove the user from the group “system" and  `pw group mod wheel -m reg` to add the user to group “wheel.”  Assuming your user name is “reg."

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