Replacing Drive with SSD

Matt Smith fbsd at
Fri Aug 28 08:46:47 UTC 2015

On Aug 28 09:37, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>On 08/28/15 07:59, Doug Hardie wrote:
>> I am having to replace a drive with a SSD.  Normally if I were
>> replacing it with another drive, I would hook up the new drive to the
>> computer and just use dd to copy everything (system would be
>> quiescent).  Can I do the same with a SSD or does it need to be setup
>> differently?  This is a boot drive (i.e., the only drive in the
>> system).  The system is currently working fine, but the drive temp is
>> starting to go up so I want to replace it before anything bad
>> happens.
>Yes, SSDs look just like spinning rust drives to the system.  All the
>normal commands you'ld use to wrangle partitions and copy data around
>will work just fine.
>You should take care to align partition boundaries on block-size
>multiples -- and block sizes have tended to increase recently with the
>increase in size of storage media generally.  But that's not special to
>SSDs.  Then use dump and restore to copy your data over to each partition.
>	Cheers,
>	Matthew

I've heard a rumour that you should never use dd with SSD drives because 
of the wear levelling stuff. Apparently SSDs automatically make sure 
that data is sent to unused flash cells so that all the cells wear 
evenly, but if you use dd on them it makes them think that every single 
cell is in use which screws this up?

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