generating xorg.conf does not work

Polytropon freebsd at
Fri Aug 28 05:56:59 UTC 2015

On Fri, 28 Aug 2015 00:56:41 -0400 (EDT), doug at wrote:
> I have installed several ports that say add this font or make some other change 
> to xorg.conf. And, perhaps have a problem running chrome because I am not able 
> to do that. So my questions are basically: should this be posted to xorg; are 
> there any guidelines on how to build an xorg.conf from the various outputs from 
> the self-generated start; is auto generation the way to go or not; and lastly if 
> auto-generation is the way of the future how do you add fonts and or change the 
> other things one usually does?

As far as I know, it's possible to use an "incomplete" xorg.conf
which only contains the settings where you want to override the
autodetected defaults.

For machines where the hardware doesn't change on a daily basis,
I tend to first have X generate xorg.conf, then manually trim
this file down to what's essentially needed, and add specific
things (like german keyboard, switchable screen sizes if a CRT
is being used, or additional TTF font dirs that I have manually
installed). There are only a few things that survive from the
generated xorg.conf. However, the result still is a _complete_
xorg.conf file.

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