Stop using a SATA drive

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Fri Aug 28 01:43:45 UTC 2015

On Thu, 27 Aug 2015 20:55:10 -0400, Quartz wrote:
> >>> This is possible.
> >>
> >> OK, well my question (via Chris' original question) was, is there
> >> currently a port or package that actually implements this?
> >
> > Not that I am aware of. Maybe some specific (vendor-supplied)
> > control software for disk controllers ("RAID controllers")
> > can do this?
> Hmm... ok. Not that I have any plans for this, but just out of 
> curiosity, how easy do you think it would be to write one?

I'm sure this is possible. Such a tool would first have to make
sure that all requests to a device (let's say a disk) would have
been processed ("sync" and "umount" equivalents at driver level),
issue CAM commands to the device to "say goodbye", and then
talk to devfs to manipulate the device file system. When a
rescan of the bus is requested, the device should probably
re-appear. At least that's how I would imagine such a process.
Note that I'm not a BSD system programmer, so my experience
and knowledge on this topic is limited.

> > There was also a menu entry: "eject floppy disk", and additionally
> > a keyboard shortcut.
> Well... sorta. Even that was messed up. If you used command-E ("Eject") 
> you got the stupid ghost icon. You had to use command-Y ("Put Away") 
> which didn't really make a lot of sense. But as I said, Apple's mental 
> model for disconnecting disks has always been weird.

Yes, I remember the somewhat strange choice of terminology
in the german version of Mac OS: "Diskette weglegen". I think
Apple thought of "put away" as sync+umount, and "eject" as
actual eject. Luckily, you usually could't "force-remove"
the disk with read or write operations pending. :-)

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