Stop using a SATA drive

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Fri Aug 28 00:46:45 UTC 2015

On Thu, 27 Aug 2015 20:27:55 -0400, Quartz wrote:
> > This is possible.
> OK, well my question (via Chris' original question) was, is there 
> currently a port or package that actually implements this?

Not that I am aware of. Maybe some specific (vendor-supplied)
control software for disk controllers ("RAID controllers")
can do this?

> > However, in regards of disk drives, I wouldn't call this
> > procedure "eject", but maybe better "detach".
> I'm not a fan of "eject" either, but that's Apple for you. They've 
> always been weird about this sort of mental model; in both OSX GUI and 
> classic Mac OS you drag the disk icon into the trash to unmount it. More 
> than a few new users were very nervous about that.

There was also a menu entry: "eject floppy disk", and additionally
a keyboard shortcut. I was impressed when I was this on my first
Mac systems - the disk would "magically" come out, there was no
mechanical button for it. Even the Sun Sparc Station 20 and
the Ultra 1 had such kind of floppy disk drive. :-)

> >In retrospect,
> > ye olde "atacontrol" _had_ this functionality. See the dusty
> > historic manual for details. :-)
> Wait, so this functionality existed but was removed? What was the 
> reasoning behind that?

The deprecation of the old ATA/ATAPI subsystem for accessing
disks and optical units. Today, the "SCSI over ATA" (previously
optional kernel mechanism ATAPICAM) is being used, so atacontrol
doesn't exist anymore - camcontrol is to be used.

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