Stop using a SATA drive

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Thu Aug 27 11:58:34 UTC 2015

On 2015/08/27 12:45, Quartz wrote:
> On OSX, you can access the Disk Utility app from the terminal via the
> 'diskutil' command. This provides a more or less one-stop-shop for all
> disk related activities, eg; you can issue 'diskutil list' to get a list
> of all known disk devices and their ID and partitions, you can 'diskutil
> unmount foo' to stop all writes on disk foo, and then 'diskutil eject
> foo' to completely disconnect it from the system so it no longer shows
> up in /dev (using dd to read or write to the drive will fail with "No
> such file or directory").
> I believe Chris was looking for an equivalent command (or equivalent to
> 'diskutil eject foo' at any rate). OSX was based on FreeBSD originally,
> so the underlying concept should be possible. Is there no port or
> package that can provide this functionality?

Apple has the distinct advantage of controlling the hardware.

FreeBSD runs on all sorts of different kit from all sorts of different
providers, hence the uniform interface that Apple has achieved is much
harder.  The closest thing would be camcontrol(8), but that doesn't
apply to a number of RAID controllers for instance.



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