Blocking SSH access based on bad logins?

Matt Smith fbsd at
Tue Aug 25 13:53:03 UTC 2015

On Aug 25 16:29, Reko Turja wrote:
>IMO switching SSH port is security by obscurity, determined attacker 
>will eventually find the altered port if so inclined.

I agree that it is security by obscurity but when I ran SSH on port 22 
it was syslogging at least several hundred login attempts every day, 
currently I run it on port 422 and it's never had one single login 
attempt that wasn't myself. Obviously you have to make sure it's also 
secure regardless which I do by requiring that the login is either with 
a key, or if with a password it also requires a one-time-password 6 
digit code read from an app on my phone.

So if all the login attempts bother you, moving the port certainly 
works. Just make sure you also keep it secure in other ways.


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