FreeBSD 10.2 custom unattended installation

Stefan Parvu sparvu at
Mon Aug 24 22:29:00 UTC 2015


We are planning to use FreeBSD + Kronometrix [1] as a ready image.
For that we are planning to modify the original ISO image and add
our own software to it.

We want users to perform a basic FreeBSD installation from the ISO image
CD or USB, but answering to some questions only, not all.

For example, we want to ask interactively:

 * the keymap

 * the networking configuration

 * the storage ZFS by default (because we dont know the customer storage)

 * and the root password

the rest being automated. I understood we need to modify the original
ISO by adding our bits. Some questions:

1. Should we create a /etc/installerconfig file, where we shall have our
config ?

2. Should we define there something like ...

    DISTRIBUTIONS="kernel.txz base.txz kronometrix.txz"
    bsdinstall keymap
    bsdinstall netconfig
    bsdinstall zfsboot

    echo "Running post installation"

3. Can we run interactive and non-interactive tasks withing the
installerconfig file ? Where is this documented ? bsdinstall seems
short in explanations and descriptions regarding this part.

[1] -

Many thanks,

Stefan Parvu <sparvu at>

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