pkg Assertion failed. Help needed.

Fernando Apesteguía fernando.apesteguia at
Mon Aug 24 16:15:20 UTC 2015

Hi there,

I'm in the process of upgrading to 10.2-RELEASE in on of my machines.
The base system is already updated. Although it is not strictly
necessary (I upgrade from 10.1-RELEASE), I wanted to reinstall all
packages as well.

When I try to do it, I get the following errors:

$ pkg-static upgrade -f
Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
FreeBSD repository is up-to-date.
All repositories are up-to-date.
Checking for upgrades (948 candidates):  90%
db41 has no direct installation candidates, change it to db? [Y/n]: [ENTER]
Checking for upgrades (948 candidates): 100%
Processing candidates (948 candidates): 100%
pkg-static: sqlite error while executing UPDATE packages SET name=?1
WHERE name=?2; in file pkg_jobs.c:1658: UNIQUE constraint failed:
Checking integrity...Assertion failed: (strcmp(uid, p->uid) != 0),
function pkg_conflicts_check_local_path, file pkg_jobs_conflicts.c,
line 368.
Child process pid=1106 terminated abnormally: Abort trap

I haven't had problems so far while installing/deinstalling packages,
but I suppose I was just "lucky" enough so the problem didn't show up
earlier. It seems my sqlite package database is corrupt.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

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