Firefox Vulnerabilities

Dutch Ingraham stoa at
Sat Aug 8 20:47:01 UTC 2015

Hi all:

I'm currently running amd64 version 10.1-RELEASE-p16.  I update my 
ports tree through svn.  Yesterday, I updated the tree and subsequently 
upgraded Firefox:

$ pkg info firefox
Name			: firefox
Version			: 40.0,1
Installed on	: Fri Aug  7 08:08:07 CDT 2015

As everyone knows, there was a vulnerability announced a few days ago 
related to the pdf viewer in Firefox.[1]  This was fixed in the latest 
stable version, which is apparently 39.0.3.[2]  Version 40.*, which 
started life prior to the date of the vulnerability, remains in beta.[3]

I can't seem to find where this vulnerability [1] was fixed in the beta 
version in the ports tree.[4]  I don't see any comments in 
/usr/ports/UPDATING nor in /usr/ports/CHANGES related to this issue.

Can someone comment on the status of [1] in the current "stable" 
Freebsd version of Firefox, 40.0,1?  Thanks.


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