coretemp driver

Minimi, Phillip A phillip.a.minimi at
Sat Aug 8 15:20:14 UTC 2015

We are running RedHawk5.4.11,, based on RHEL5.4 x86, on an IBM HS23. Executing sensors showed no output at all, no sensors detected. I looked at coretemp.c and saw that the HS23 CPU, 32nm, CPUID= 0X2D, was not supported and in fact coretemp was reporting that in /var/log/messages. I added 0x2D to coretemp.c and rebuilt the kernel to see if we could even read a sensor. That worked and now there is a temperature reported for each CPU. However, with the "workaround" I don't have any confidence in the accuracy of the output of course. Is there a patch I can apply to the kernel source that will update coretemp.c and related source code?

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