64bit P4 vs mfsBSD

Quartz quartz at sneakertech.com
Fri Aug 7 19:17:03 UTC 2015

>> If you look up the id from cpuid on ark.intel.com, you should get
>> a definitive answer.
> If you look up the Atom E6xx CPUs (used e.g. in the Soekris net6501),
> that site claims that they are 32 bits only.  In reality, these
> CPUs do support 64-bit mode, as numerous owners can testify to.
> As other people have said, the presence of long mode in the CPU ID
> flags tells the true story.

While we're at it, intel's util says this is a P4 541 and that it's 
family 15 model 4 (a claim shared by every OS I've run on it) whereas 
wikipedia claims the 541 is family 15 model *3*.

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