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David Benfell benfell at
Wed Aug 5 23:00:54 UTC 2015

Quoting CeDeROM <cederom at>:

> David, I am very curious what you can achieve with GRUB.. I hope it
> can also make "one menu to run them all" on my EFI system as well :-)
> :-)
> Meanwhile, if you want to restore Windows and FreeBSD access I send
> you my EFI boot partition images - you can DD them in order to recover
> access to the OS that you can select from BIOS Boot Menu :-)

Thanks but I wasn't lacking for files.

I was lacking the magic--magic apparently missing even from the  
Windows recovery disk--to make even Windows bootable. This magic *is*  
present on the FreeBSD install disk, as I discovered when I gave up,  
wiped the disk, and freshly installed FreeBSD on the whole thing.

I'll install Windows as a virtualbox guest as soon as I get back on  
site and download it from Amazon. (Yes, $119 down the toilet.)

By the way, for the folks who've been working so hard on the UEFI  
implementation of FreeBSD: It's beautiful. It installed and booted  
perfectly (and yes, under the circumstances, I was worried).

What *would* be nice is some dual-boot documentation. I'm sure that  
what I was trying to do is possible. I just didn't succeed. And having  
to muck with the firmware every time to get into FreeBSD is ugly.

David Benfell <benfell at>
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