USB stick and some help with it. [SOLVED] The usb stick is in the trash now.

Quartz quartz at
Tue Aug 4 18:42:43 UTC 2015

> I thought GParted live was based around parted.

It is, but I mistakenly thought that [lib]parted was in turn based off 
of gpart (it's not).

> Okay. Can you point me to a man page or utility distribution with that
> version of gpart for Linux?

Gparted Live:
gpart v0.2.1 (c) 1999-2001 Michail Brzitwa <michail at>

It also has gdisk and sgdisk, which can be slightly more useful in some 
situations. When it comes to 'flatlining' a drive, I usually use sgdisk 
since the -Z option will blow away all partition schemes and backup 
headers in one shot (mbr+gpt+whatever).

>And I don't see the point in grabbing
> a Linux utility disk when FreeBSD is already running and has the tools
> for the job.

Well, the whole reason this thread got started is because he couldn't dd 
his usb drive. I suggested booting off a live linux cd just to double 
check if it was a hardware issue or if his copy of FreeBSD was corrupt. 
I suggested a linux live cd mainly because it was simple and will have a 
lot of utilities out of the box without needing to mess around (vs the 
FreeBSD installer images).

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