USB stick and some help with it. [SOLVED] The usb stick is in the trash now.

Brandon J. Wandersee brandon.wandersee at
Tue Aug 4 17:24:42 UTC 2015

Quartz writes:

>> I have not found a Linux utility similar to gpart
> Umm.... you do know that linux has gpart too, right? Like, it's a 
> standard part of most distros, and it's what GParted Live is based around?

GParted is the GTK+ graphical interface to GNU "parted"
program. gpart(8) is the partition manager for the FreeBSD GEOM disk
management framework. The two are only related insofar as they both
partition disks. Typing "gpart" into a Linux console will get you
nothing. The GParted Live CD is a minimal Debian system that comes with
GParted and a handful of other utilities for system maintenance.

Generally speaking, using a Linux utility to configure a disk for FreeBSD
probably won't cause any problems, but since using a FreeBSD utility to
manage a FreeBSD disk is all but certain to work, that's the way to go.

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