FreeBSD cross-update

Dima Veselov kab00m at
Tue Aug 4 13:08:12 UTC 2015

Hello once more,

I am really stuck in upgrading sparc64 boxes.

I have amd64 build host and two sparc64 weak boxes.

Crosscompilation is done good and world is ready to install,
but I can't find ANY way to install it actually. 

My tries and the reasons it failed:

1. make installworld TO target through NFS fail because NFS
doesn't support chflags and throw an error acessing to protected

2. syncing /usr/src and /usr/obj and running installworld ON
target fail because /usr/obj has distribution binaries with buildhost

3. building release and extracting it to target make me to resettle /etc
and rebuild packages.

Target sparc64 is working service and reinstalling is not the option.
So - if there ANY way of updating or it was developed only for installing
NEW machines, nor upgrading old ones?

Sincerely yours

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