How do you guys do it with Owncloud (client)?

Christian Baer christian.baer at
Sun Aug 2 16:05:13 UTC 2015

Hello everybody!

Although the weather is great today around where I live (not a cloud in the 
sky), I have decided I want to get this working! I guess I have stubbornness 
issues. :-)

I've been using OC for quite some time now (on shared hosting) and the clients 
for Windows (home) and Linux (work). As some of you may remember, a while ago 
I bought a new computer and now I find myself almost exclusively using FreeBSD 
at home, which of course brought up the wish to use OC on FreeBSD.

Fulfilling this wish has been pretty frustrating so far and quite frankly, I 
have no idea why I haven't found much more bitching about this on the web.
Disclaimer: This is not me bitching! I am simply staggered by the fact that 
such a commonly used software doesn't have a flood of howtos and comments 
about it not working under FreeBSD on the client side.

Anyways, moving on... :-)

The official OwnCloud (Linux) Desktop Client does not (seem to) work under 
FreeBSD. I haven't looked into this myself, but I am guessing this is a FUSE 
issue. I want to use the OC client on my fileserver (which runs FreeBSD like 
my workstation), so I don't terribly mind that there is no GUI. A while back I 
did some research and found out, that ocsync (some front-end to csync) was the 
way to go under FreeBSD. Back then the almost utter lack of documentation 
about ocsync put me off a bit, because I had more important things to do at 
the time and didn't want to spend that much time working this out.

Today I thought, I'd spend half a day if needed and get this to work. So I 
updated my ports to the current revision and look for ocsync - and it was 
gone. Another piece of software I came accross was mirall, and whatdoyouknow? 
It's gone too! At first I thought this was some mistake and my update of the 
ports tree had broken something. But there are no manpages for these on anymore either - which is a pretty sure sign that there is no 
official support for them.

What all this boils down to:
I am pretty sure that some of you will be using FreeBSD on the desktop as I am 
and there is a good chance that a subset of those will use OwnCloud. How do 
you do it? How did you set it up? Where did you get your 
information/documentation from?

I am grateful for anything useful on this!

Kind regards,
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