Bootstrapping pkg from a package

Carl Johnson carlj at
Sun Aug 2 03:55:14 UTC 2015

I was just bringing up my Raspberry Pi from the 10.2-RC2 image and tried
to install some packages that I had saved previously.  The pkg(7)
manpage states that the pkg in the base system can use 'pkg add <pkg>'
to install the pkg package instead of getting the package from the
repository (which isn't available for arm).  When I tried that I just
got the message 'Signature for pkg not available.'  I don't have a
signature for it, and don't know where to get it from or how to generate
it.  Once I install it from ports, I can use that to add other saved
packages without any signature being necessary.

The manpage makes it appear that should work, so is there something else
that I need to do?  Thanks for any information.
Carl Johnson		carlj at

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