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Midsommar Festival 2015 nights at
Sun Apr 26 07:08:25 UTC 2015

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      [3]Midsommar Festival returns to Switzerland for the 5th year and we
      are searching the planet for the best talented DJ to join the festival
      for a spotlight performance on this edition in Lucerne. If you think
      you have what it takes, then upload your best 30 minutes DJ set via
      Mixcloud or SoundCloud.

      One talented and lucky winner will get the chance to perform at the
      Midsommar Festival, with some of the most relevant and talented acts
      coming from many different countries. The Midsommar Team will cover
      roundtrip flights and accommodation in Lucerne, Switzerland.

      The final line-up will be announced soon and maybe with your name on
      the roster?!
      This is a unique chance to be part of an incredible festival with
      artists coming from all around the world.

                                   How to Enter:

   The competition is open to European residents only.

        * Open a SoundCloud or MixCloud account in case you don't have one.
        * Upload a mix of no more than 30 minutes.
        * Title the mix Midsommar Recruits [Your DJ Name]
        * Tag your mix Midsommar Recruits if you fail to tag it correctly,
          your mix may be missed
        * Include the competition cover-art, provided [5]here.
        * Spread it around and share it to your friends and fans to collect


        * The top 20 most 'liked' mixes that are uploaded on Mixcloud or
          SoundCloud and tagged with 'Midsommar Recruits' will get
        * Only the mixes with at least 50 plays by the deadline date can
          qualify in the top 20.
        * The artists of the Festival and the Midsommar Crew will review each
          of these 20 mixes and select the 10 finalists.
        * The finalists will publish the mix or cover of the festival in
          their own facebook accounts and will collect as much likes, shares
          and comments they can. The mix or cover with more activity will
          perform at the Midsommar Festival 2015, with some of the most
          important artists of the industry.

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