Install to a Partition problems.

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Fri Apr 24 07:44:24 UTC 2015

On Thu, 23 Apr 2015 16:26:18 -1000, Kent Kuriyama wrote:
> You need to use MBR vice GPT partitioning.  While GPT can support multiple
> boot partitions, the GPT boot loader doesn't let you interactively choose
> what partition to boot from.  The boot loader for MBR does.


> When installing FreeBSD select the MBR partitioning scheme.  You will then
> be allowed to define up to 4 partitions.

I'd like to point out the correct terminology: In this case,
you use "partition" to say "DOS primary partition". On UNIX,
those are called slices. Inside a slice, you can create
partitions (which hold a file system, except the swap partition).

Example: ada0 { ada0s1 [ ada0s1a ada0s1b ada0s1d ada0s1e ada0s1f ... ]
                ada0s2 [ ada0s2a ada0s2b ada0s2d ada0s2e ada0s2f ... ] }

The boot manager will then allow you to boot from s1 or s2.

You can also omit the slicing part and create the partitions
directly on the device. This is called "dedicated".

Example: ada0 { ada0a ada0b ada0d ada0e ada0f ... }

However, this approach is not suitable for multi-boot setups!

> Within each partition you can
> define as many BSD 'slices' each of which contains a UFS or swap area.

It's exactly the other way round. :-)

> Once you have installed an instance of FreeBSD into a partition then the
> MBR boot loader will scan for available bootable partitions and give you a
> chance to select which partition to boot from.

You need to install the boot _manager_ to interactively choose
which slice/partition to boot from. The default MBR boot loader
will boot the first possible instance found.

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