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Thu Apr 23 18:52:25 UTC 2015

On Thu, 23 Apr 2015 14:37:16 -0400, Michael Powell wrote:
> jungle Boogie wrote:
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> > You're correct. New installs of FreeBSD don't seem to setup separate
> > partitions. Did they ever?
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> Huh? The default 'auto guided default' of installing everything into a 
> single / partition is only a fairly recent occurrence.

If I remember correctly, ye olde sysinstall did also create
several partitions for functional separation when the 'a' key
(auto) was being used.

> The manual approach 
> for those who know how to slice and partition is still viable, even to 
> include the choice of GPT or ancient Dos-friendly Mbr. Historically separate 
> partitions were the norm back in the day.

Putting different functional parts on separate partitions
comes with advantages and disadvantages: advantages include
the ability to use dump + restore, the "noexec" mount option,
the protection against runaway processes to fill / (or to
make /home unwritable by creating big files in /tmp or /var),
or "switching" between different versions by mounting them;
disadvantages include the problem of "device is full" and
the trouble of resizing them.

With GPT, the partitioning approach is even easier as there
is no need to decide about slicing (if or if not, "dedicated"),
and there are more than 7 partitions (total) possible.

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