Youtube-dl problem/question

Artem Kuchin artem at
Mon Apr 20 16:01:02 UTC 2015

20.04.2015 18:50, jd1008 пишет:
> $ ytdl -ckti --no-part --no-playlist
> "" 
> [youtube:playlist] Downloading just video l1zNZjH1KJk because of
> --no-playlist
> [youtube] l1zNZjH1KJk: Downloading webpage
> [youtube] l1zNZjH1KJk: Downloading video info webpage
> ERROR: l1zNZjH1KJk: YouTube said: The uploader has not made this video
> available in your country.
> So, could someone explain (for the benefit of all fans of youtube-dl),
> how to
> get around this problem?

Change country :)
Well, at least make it look like you moved. Use PROXY server or VPN with 
IP in another country.
There are plenty very cheap (like 5$ a month) VPN services.
Also, i think TOR might help if you can set it up.


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