login.conf limits do not work

Artem Kuchin artem at artem.ru
Mon Apr 20 10:27:24 UTC 2015

I am probably missing something.

I have a used with uid 82  qmaild
I want to limit memory usage for it

So i created a class

         :path=/sbin /bin /usr/sbin /usr/bin /usr/games /usr/local/sbin 
/usr/local/bin ~/bin:\

cap_mkdb login.conf

run test

su -c vpopmail -m qmaild   -c 'cat aaa.eml | ./aaa'

check top

76727     82        1  90    0   809M   475M CPU2    2   0:09 59.28% perl

As you see, res is 809M
So. limits to not work

What am i doing wrong?

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