NFS boot time mount doesn't happen

Ross basarevych at
Sat Apr 18 08:19:16 UTC 2015

Hello, I have a number of NFSv3 exports on the server. One (/usr/home)
with sec=krb5i and other are regular.

I have this in fstab on the client:
coffin.lan:/usr/home /usr/home nfs rw,soft,intr,sec=krb5i 0 0
coffin.lan:/data/freebsd /data/freebsd nfs ro,soft,intr 0 0

The problem is that /usr/home is not automounted at boot time. I tried
adding "late" option but this doesn't help. At the same time /data/freebsd
and other non-Kerberized exports are mounted OK.

As a hack I added "mount /usr/home" to rc.local and it works. But why
doesn't it mount on its own? Am I doing something wrong?

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