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Matthew Seaman matthew at
Fri Apr 17 15:50:33 UTC 2015

On 2015/04/17 16:31, Mike Clarke wrote:
> The packages were all upgraded with pkg upgrade, nothing was built from ports 
> on this run.
> p5-DBD-mysql had been previously built from ports using a version of ports 
> consistent with the packages available at the time. This was the only affected 
> package which had been built from ports.
> I deleted p5-DBD-mysql before being able to get pkg upgrade to run without 
> errors. When I subsequently reinstalled it I used pkg install to install it 
> from the FreeBSD package repository.

What's happening is this: although the two packages have the same name
and version, because one was locally compiled and the other comes from
the FreeBSD repository, it looks like they had different dependencies --
probably on different versions of MySQL in this case.

In order to force things to progress, try forcing an upgrade of the
problem package (which will install the version from the repo, and any
dependencies it needs, plus remove anything that conflicts with those
changes.  In this case the conflicting packages will presumably be those
different versions of mysql-client.)

    pkg upgrade -f qt4-mysql-plugin

Pay attention to what pkg(8) says it is going to remove during this
process as you may need to reinstall some of the deleted packages.

Then try doing a full 'pkg upgrade'

This seems to be a problem that is occurring when people switch from
locally compiled packages to packages from the repositories.  There was
a similar case discussed on freebsd-pkg at ... earlier today.



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