Bug 195349 - CAM status timeout in 10.1 on HP microserver n40l

Yudi V yudi.tux at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 18:16:30 UTC 2015

I got a HP microserver n40l and recently upgraded to 10.1 and this bug
showed up.
Tried hint.ahci.0.msi="1" in /boot/loader.conf      but it did not fix the
This issue is not present when I boot into 9.3 dataset on the same system.

There are 4 disks in the system ada0 - ada3. I only see the CAM status
timeout on just ada2 and ada3.
ada0 and ada1 are on SATA 3Gbps link but ada2 and ada3 are on SATA 1.5Gbps.
ada2 and ada3 use the internal ODD SATA port and the eSATA port
respectively and they are in ZFS mirror config and have the root on them.

Apparently this issue can be fixed by flashing with a modified BIOS  and
making the ODD sata port and eSATA port run at 3Gbps. I am not keen on
using the BIOS hack.

I think it is some change in 10.1 that is causing this issue since 9.3 does
not produce this issue.

Any suggestion on how to fix this without using the BIOS hack.

Kind regards,

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