Initial request to server extremely slow after longer periods of inactivity

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Wed Apr 15 13:09:24 UTC 2015


On 13. april 2015 at 9:33 AM, "Raimund Sacherer" <rs at> wrote:
>Yes, that could be, but you would be able to rule it out rather 
>quickly, if you do not seem to get the system in the 
>"unresponsive" state then I would execute them in a screen or tmux 
>session so they are available for you to check out later. In this 
>case a top won't do you much good and you have to use some form of 
>vmstat or similar to check out what had happened (cpu, paging, 
>interrupt storm, context switches, IO-wait, etc.). If none of 
>those indicates problems, and the tcpdump does not reveal DNS 
>problems it may be an issue with the VPS host (if you use a 
>virtually shared hosted service). 

Thanks man, I'll give that a go.

So basically I have to set up a crontab to run vmstat say once every 30 minutes?


>> Also, how can I do stuff like `traceroute` or `mtr` knowing 
>beforehand that
>> the server is indeed unresponsive? Since it's only unresponsive 
>on first
>> requests, if I send a request to check, things will have 
>returned to normal
>> by the time I get to run those commands.
>> Thanks!
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