In my case, a hang, but same solution: Re: High LA caused by php-fpm

David Benfell benfell at
Wed Apr 15 09:56:59 UTC 2015

Quoting Matt Smith <fbsd at>:
> Hi, I had exactly this problem myself along with several other  
> things behaving strangely because of the OpenSSL 1.0.2 update. For  
> me, recompiling openssl with the ASM optimisation option switched  
> off worked around the problem. With ASM on php-fpm used up huge  
> amounts of load average, with ASM off the behavior is back to  
> normal. Of course your issue may not be related to this, but it  
> could be something to investigate. I discussed my issues in  
> , search  
> for php-fpm on that page.

For me, the problem appeared instead as a hang, both apache 2.4 and  
php-fpm were hanging in a 'D' state. *Very* *Very* *Ugly*.

But your fix, in combination with portmaster -r openssl, seems to have  
resolved the problem.
David Benfell <benfell at>
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