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Tue Apr 14 00:44:27 UTC 2015

On Mon, 13 Apr 2015 16:57:07 +0530, arnab bhowmick wrote:
> Thanks a lot friend for giving me some of your valuable time but I am
> unable to add my user in 'wheel' group.

Did you follow the advice provided (including command line
examples) on the mailing list? Can you show _wat exact_ commands
you've entered and what their _results_ (maybe error messages)
were? Because, if you'd followed the procedure, your user would
be a memeber of the wheel group right now.

The command you need to execute as root is

	# pw groupmod wheel -m <your_username>

as shown in

which _exactly_ handles the security barrier that you're
currently experiencing.

> So now i am thinking to reinstall
> the system by adding user to wheel group.

This is not needed. Not at all.

> I have also checked in "man su"
> but haven't got any help from there.

This is the manual page for reference purposes. It will show
you if you need any other options (especially so you can see
the difference between -l, the default behaviour, and -m, which
is very useful inside X).

> You may think that i am bothering you
> by asking the same question again and again but honestly speaking that i
> have no other choice.

Please try to follow the advice and provide feedback as
requested above: What did you enter and what was the result?

> I am new to freebsd and at first i have installed
> freebsd with mate session but their was no problem as i am felling with
> this kde session. in mate you have to give just you root password as a
> root. but in kde session it is very difficult to me

Logging in as root is considered a massive security problem
and therefore discouraged. KDE seems to know that and not
allow a root login. But as it has been said, it's not even
needed to directly login as root in X. That's what "su -m"
is for, and in order to use it, the only preparation you
have to make is add your user name to the "wheel" group.

If you're familiar with text editors (ee, vi, whichever you
prefer), you can also add your username manually (!) to the
wheel group by opening /etc/group and adding ",<name>" at the
end of the "wheel" entry; then save the file. You have to
login as root at the text console (virtual terminal) to do
this, as modifying system-level files requires root permissions.
Then login in X with your user name, and use "su -m" to run
X programs as root, or "su -" to perform system-level actions
such as updating the OS, installing packages or deleting stuff.

By the way, I have a "root terminal" for this task. It's
started this way:

	xterm -class ROOT_TEMINAL -title "System Terminal" -fg red -bg darkred -e su -l root

You can add this as a desktop shortcut in KDE, so you only
need to doubleclick it and have root access ("su -l" equals
"su -", a full interactive login, you could also try "su -m"
instead here).

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