Vim/Vi/Bash Segfaults After Upgrade to 10.1

cpet cpet at
Mon Apr 13 16:21:06 UTC 2015

On 2015-04-13 11:11, Tim Gustafson wrote:
> After upgrading a 10.0 box to 10.1-RELEASE-p9, I am getting really odd
> segfaults when running vi, vim or bash. So far, no other programs I've
> found are segfaulting since the upgrade.
> I've re-built and installed world, followed by a "make delete-old
> delete-old-libs", followed by a "portmaster -fad" three times, to no
> avail.
> A truss of a vim process is attached.  It looks like it's segfaulting
> after a call to sigprocmask().
> Bash is behaving very strangely.  It seems to segfault when logging in
> as a user who has bash set as their shell, but not when you run bash
> from within tcsh.  Put another way, as root, if I "su bashuser", the
> system hangs for a few seconds and then segfaults.  If I just run
> "bash" as root, it works without a hitch.  Just to make things more
> interesting, if I "truss -f su bashuser", it does not segfault.
> Running "su bashuser truss -o /tmp/bash.txt bash" causes the hang and
> eventual segfault, but never creates /tmp/bash.txt
> I am totally at a loss.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Any
> ideas as to what may be going on?
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You can do it 100 times and it will give you the same outcome, normally 
when this happens you remove all ports and build the ones you want, this 
helps in old libs being compiled, Also people do strange things in hopes 
to make things faster an increase of 0.000000001% when adding CPUFLAGS= 
bleh isn't really much to award for and causes issues in the long run. 
Mixing PKGng and Ports causes issues as well. Personally I don't run 
bash as I classify it as a linuxism, but whenever I upgrade I remove all 
my ports and recompile, not using portmaster as it has been known to 
cause problems.

My 2 cents

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