System hangs on rm after upgrade to 10.1 with UFS

matheyden at matheyden at
Mon Apr 13 14:13:07 UTC 2015

> On 04/01/15 16:24, matheyden at wrote:
> > Anyone have any idea what may be causing the problem? Is this a bug in
> > FreeBSD 10.1?
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> > Thanks.
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> Can you give an answer about which file make this problem (dmesg or
> other logfile)?
> Is this a windows system? They have a little problem with a path over
> 255 signs (but this error begins with 240 signs or early).
> Or make you just a little first april joke?
> Greeting

I'm not sure which file the process gets stuck on, is there an easy way to 
find out?

Nothing appears to be written to the log files when executing the command, 
outside of the rsnapshot log:


My test host is running in VirtualBox on Windows 7, but the issue was 
first found on a physical system running FreeBSD 10.1 backing up a host 
running FreeBSD 10.0, so no windows involvement there.


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