Can't login as a root via SSH!

seklecki seklecki bseklecki at
Sun Apr 12 16:47:21 UTC 2015

The proper file is /etc/ssh/sshd_config

The only OpenSSH distribution that allows PermitRootLogin=yes after
install is OpenBSD's native one.  Almost all other portable versions have
packaged it so that it is off.

You are assumed to make a wheel group user for 1st login, or have remote
hypervisor/serial/remote ILOM console access from your WS to your new, in
any other modern datacenter environment.


On 2/1/15 11:38 PM, "jd1008" <jd1008 at> wrote:

>On 02/01/2015 08:21 PM, williamyun7 wrote:
>> which file should i look up?
>> this is /etc/defaults/rc.conf
>> i can't find any with root login via ssh from here.
>> will at FreeBSD-SVR1:~ % cat /etc/defaults/rc.conf
>> #!/bin/sh
>> # This is rc.conf - a file full of useful variables that you can set
>> # to change the default startup behavior of your system.  You should
>> # not edit this file!  Put any overrides into one of the
>> # instead and you will be able to u\

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