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Sat Apr 11 19:23:54 UTC 2015

On Sun, 12 Apr 2015 00:47:41 +0530, arnab bhowmick wrote:
> $ su root
> su: Sorry

As explained, you need to be in the "wheel" group to
become root. This is an intended security barrier.

Allow me to repeat from my previous message:

Please note: You have to add your user to the "wheel"
group if you want to su to root (just entering "su"
will default to root, if no other username is provided;
"su -" and "su -l" means the same; see "man su" for

In order to make this change, switch to a virtual
terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+PF1 and login as root.
Then enter at the root prompt:

	# pw usermod -G wheel <name>

where <name> is your own user name. You can also
manually add the name to the "wheel" line in /etc/group
by using your favourite editor.

When done, logout again (command "exit" or Ctrl+D).

Switch back to your X session by pressing Ctrl+Alt+PF9.
The change is in effect immediately.

* end repeat *

You can check if your use is in the right group by

	$ grep <username> /etc/group

and it should appear in all required groups.

Once you have successfully configured permissions for
your user, using "su" will be easy and comfortable.

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