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On Sat, 11 Apr 2015 23:26:21 +0530, arnab bhowmick wrote:
> can you explain the topic to me, friend?

I currently don't have a KDE environment to check, but if
I remember correctly, you simply run

	kdesu <program>

from the KDE "Run..." dialog or (much more comfortable)
from a terminal emulator, such as Konsole or the classic
xterm. This is a KDE program which will prompt for the
root password and then execute the given program (and
optional parameters). The "kdesu" program is part of the
KDE installation.

Example of how to use it from a terminal ('%' means:
issued from your regular user account, '#' means: you
are root):

	% kdesu wireshark

You'll find more information here:

Similarly, you can use "sudo <command>" and "su". Examples:

	% cat /etc/master.passwd
	cat: /etc/master.passwd: Permission denied
	(to be expected)

	% sudo cat /etc/master.passwd
	(output appears)

If you want your user to be able to use sudo as a "prefix"
without entering the root password, or limit the ability to
execute as root to specific programs, it's easy to achieve
as explained in "man sudo" and "man sudoers".

For example: If all members of the "wheel" group should be
able to use "sudo" in "prefix mode" (no password needed),
enable the line


in /usr/local/etc/sudoers.

Have a look as "man visudo" as well, it's a handy utility
to configure sudo.

The "sudo" program needs to be installed via pkg as explained
in the FreeBSD handbook's section about installing software.

A similar program is "super", also worth having a look at.

In case you need a longer session (the equivalent of "being
logged in as root"), you can also use "su":

	% su -
	# ...
	(you are "root" now until you type "exit" or Ctrl-D)
	# exit
	% _
	(your regular user again)

If you wish to preserve your user's settings, use "su -m".
See "man su" for details. Note that "su" is part of the OS
and is therefore available immediately.

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