SAMBA 4.1: simple fileserver for win7 with LDAP authetication?

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Sat Apr 11 09:01:38 UTC 2015

Having used for years SAMBA3 as a simple fileserver for Win7 boxes, we migrated to SAMBA

Our UNIX/SAMBA users backend was OpenLDAP, the domain name of the windows
domain/workgroup had been stored in LDAP as cn=domains,dc=foo,.... 

Well, I have now already setup a samba 4.1 server, which is running so far. The only
thing what isn't working is getting access from a windows 7 box, the log of samba 4.1
always reports something like

 [2015/04/11 10:58:29.353733,  0] ../source3/param/loadparm.c:2377(service_ok)
  WARNING: No path in service print$ - making it unavailable!
[2015/04/11 10:58:29.380217,
0] ../source3/passdb/pdb_ldap.c:6529(pdb_ldapsam_init_common) pdb_init_ldapsam: WARNING:
Could not get domain info, nor add one to the domain. We cannot work reliably without it.
[2015/04/11 10:58:29.380265,
0] ../source3/passdb/pdb_interface.c:178(make_pdb_method_name) pdb backend
ldapsam:"ldap://" did not correctly init (error was

For me, it seems that smbd can not retrieve the domain name of the SAMBA domain
correctly. But at this point, I do not find suitable informations how to setup objects in
OpenLDAP (schemata syntax?) to provide samba 4.1 compliance. Can somebody help or give
suitable hints where to find those informations?

Thanks in advance,


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