Initial request to server extremely slow after longer periods of inactivity

opendaddy at opendaddy at
Fri Apr 10 15:56:36 UTC 2015


On 10. april 2015 at 9:01 AM, "Raimund Sacherer" <rs at> wrote:
>we have quite a few unix servers around and I am unfamiliar with a 
>cron-setup just to keep some sort of connectivity going. 
>First I would check the /etc/resolv.conf, if you want post it. 

Turns out my resolv.conf is actually autogenerated by DigitalOcean so if anything it's their fault. I've contacted customer support and will keep you all posted on the outcome.

>Then what I would do in your case is open a few ssh sessions, run 
>top with cpu focus in one, top with IO focus in another and in a 
>third i would take a tcpdump written to a file. Maybe another 
>session with vmstat to check on pagin/pageout, etc. 
>Then I'd wait the appropriate amount of time and try a web 
>connection, if it takes long, I'l check the top's if there is 
>something going on (lot's of CPU, lot's of IO, pages etc.) and 
>check the tcpdump in wireshark to see if there are problematic DNS 
>queries which maybe are timing out, etc. 

That's a really good idea!

>That should cover the bases ... Maybe you are on some sort of 
>cheap VPS service which has resources severely over-commited and 
>maybe your whole system has to "wake up" ... but this is a very 
>far-fetched scenario. 

Just confirmed that DigitalOcean does not have any sort of power saving mode in place.



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