Need a help

arnab bhowmick arnabbhowmick111 at
Wed Apr 8 18:15:17 UTC 2015

Hello guys i am new to Free BSD. recently I have installed free BSD 10.1
release on my system. I am facing some problems. When I am starting my
system and logging in it showing a black screen with some freebsd well come
note and a sigil($) sign at the left of the screen and nothing else. No
graphical interface. When I am using pkg install command to install
something like mate-desktop/ GNOME desktop or some other program it fails
to install the package. It is replying that ( pkg: failed to extract
pkg-static : can't create '/user/local/sbin/pkg-static' ). What to do next?
Please help me. I am very eager to use freebsd as I am like this system
very much. Please give me some solution.

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