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Wed Apr 8 07:14:18 UTC 2015

On 2015/04/08 07:03, Saad Bin Naeem/Information Technology/Islamabad wrote:
> We are planning  to deploy FreeBSD in our environment and we want support for this OS. Our company is one of the top telecom company of Pakistan. We already have the support of different OS like RHEL, Suse Linux, OEL etc. I would appreciate if you can answer the following questions:
> 1.       Do you have any support for FreeBSD in Pakistan?
> 2.       If yes what is the cost?
> Waiting for your quick response.

I'm afraid you're not going to get much joy on this subject from the
freebsd-questions@ list.  It's a self-help list for a bunch of FreeBSD
users, and while there may be people here that run businesses based on
FreeBSD most of the readership is in Europe or America.  Who knows
though?  Someone may pop up able to fulfil your requirements.

I'd suggest contacting the BSD Pakistan user group via but that site appears to be in Japanese now...

There are lists of vendors and consultants available on the
site: and it may be
worth your while enquiring at the FreeBSD Foundation

FreeBSD doesn't have an associated commercial support company in the
same way that eg. RedHat does for RedHat Linux.  There's been some talk
about creating such a company, but nothing concrete as yet.

You can effectively get support from various independent contractors, or
by hiring FreeBSD-savvy administrators, but that may not be of suitable
for your purposes.

On the other hand, FreeBSD has a very good track record of community
support.  The chances are that you can get solutions to your problems
simply by asking online (and for free), but there are no constraints on
how quickly support will be offered, nor is there anyone to sue for
compensation in the event of losses due to FreeBSD failures.  This is a
problem for some corporates, but hasn't stopped some very well known
names building their businesses on top of FreeBSD.



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