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Dan Logsdon llcusabestdigitalmarketing7 at
Tue Apr 7 17:29:51 UTC 2015

Dear Owner of

I'm Dan, and I'm the H.O.D over web analysis. We have some very good news.
We've discovered why your website has not been effective as it could be.
Let's be objective and I would encourage you to make a personal evaluation.

*A quick analysis of some few concerns:*

    - An excess number of bad links have been directed to your website. You
    may confirm this by searching your website on the major search engines
    search boxes - Google, Yahoo & Bing. You can simply search by inputting
    your *link:domain name*
    - Your website has multiple undesirable technical errors such as HTML
    errors, broken links, missing image alt -tag etc. Confirm this by  
    your domain or website URL on *
    - Duplicate or plagiarized content could at any time pose a penalization
    risk for your website. You can confirm this at *
    - It seems the organic traffic to your website has been extremely low.
    - People who are searching for your type of business on search engines
    are not being driven to your website.
    - The social presence of your website is too minimal.
    - *Tomorrow, mobile searches will dominate.We is ready. Are you?*

We help businesses both big and small to connect with customers locally,
nationally & internationally in a meaningful and personal way with the aim
of driving up sales. We'll help you:

    - *Be found*
    - *Get connected*
    - *Stay engaged*

You may invite us for consultation - CALL NOW or EMAIL back. We can then
proceed using our corporate e-mail ID with company identity.

*Dan Logsdon*
HOD-Web Analysis
(213) 270-1977

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