How to get printer functional after successful CUPS test page ?

Manish Jain bourne.identity at
Sat Apr 4 10:20:32 UTC 2015


I have an HP M1005 LaserJet printer on FreeBSD 10.1 amd64. After plenty of haggling, I managed to get it print a test page under CUPS.

The USB printer's details are as under :


My local IP is
In my next level of graduation, I have to get it to print directly from clients :

1) on the local system, mostly GNOME. Current clients have only have 2 options in the Print dialog : Print To File and Print To LPR. Something needs to be done beyond the handbook mandate to make clients realize there is something called CUPS too

2) On the network, mostly Windows boxes. I tried adding as a network printer using Windows' all-powerful Add A Printer tool. The tool however complains that it could not find the printer.

My /usr/local/etc/cups/client.conf has the following line :


Any help to make the printer fully functional will be greatly appreciated.


Manish Jain


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