nfs4acl problems on zfs

István Hóbor hoboristi at
Sat Apr 4 09:45:54 UTC 2015

Hi Gents,

I have a problem with a couple of files, I can't delete or modify them.. I
have a zpool named rpool, mounted with nfs4acl option..
for example:

rpool on /mnt/rpool (zfs, local, nfsv4acls)

*nas4free: bin # getfacl rcp*
*# file: rcp*
*# owner: root*
*# group: wheel*
*            owner@:r-x---aARWcCos:------:allow*
*            group@:r-x---a-R-c--s:------:allow*
*         everyone@:r-x---a-R-c--s:------:allow*
*nas4free: bin # rm -f rcp *
*rm: rcp: Operation not permitted*

ls: -r-sr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  20464 Jul 11  2014 rcp*

rm -f rcp
rm: rcp: Operation not permitted

Soo, what can I do, instead of recreate the zpool? cmod or setfacl didnt


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