Why does FreeBSD insist on https?

Terje Elde terje at elde.net
Thu Apr 2 21:57:01 UTC 2015

On 2. apr. 2015, at 22:26, Dieter BSD <dieterbsd at gmail.com> wrote:

> What is this intended to accomplish?

You could argue that it should be users choice to use http or https. With the amount of traffic-modification that's starting to show up though (ad-injection, malicious code-injection, and so on), I think it's fair enough to argue that it's now also in the providers interest to use https, to ensure the conten received is the content sent. 

I wouldn't appreciate it if someone visited one of my sites, and got a modified version of what I intended the visitor to get. Redirecting to https is the most obvious step towards avoiding that. 

If it's causing you any actual trouble, I'm sure people would be more attentive if you explained any real-world issues with it, rather than simply writing it off as a problem, and demand it "fixed". 


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