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Dividend / Stock Price = % of Bank Loan + % of Inflation  notes: 1. Mind the weighted average rate of your purchase if you want buy more. 2. Neither the % of Bank Loan nor the  % of Inflation is the same in every state if you want to invest abroad. 3. Go for IPO. 4. Hot Money Tax for the sake of your national treasury, ie, a higher tax rate for shorter holding of securities as such:  [Rate | Within term of] [90 % - 1 day] [80 % - 2 days] [70 % - 1 week] [60 % - 2 weeks] [50 % - 1 month] [40 % - 2 months]  [30 % - 1 quarter, 3 months] [20 % - 2 quarters, 6 months] [10 % - 1 year] [ 0 % - 1 year up]   In case of drought, flooding or a fire emergence in your neighborhood, connect a wire between any hole of a power plug and the water in a river, sewage, or anything metal. It works.  And it can save some money on your power bill, 5-15%.  By the way, this dissemination was started in 2005. Millions have been learned it since then.  cathy20048, onherbed at, 曾大川 (frama at thought you would be interested in the following page on the General Medical Council website.

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General Medical Council

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The General Medical Council helps to protect patients and improve medical education and practice in the UK by setting standards for students and doctors. We support them in achieving (and exceeding) those standards, and take action when they are not met.

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