building ports broken

Dutch Ingraham stoa at
Sat Sep 27 22:13:53 UTC 2014

On 09/27/2014 12:05 PM, Robert Huff wrote:
>      (I posted this to ports@ and got no response, so you are my last
> best hope ....
>       This (as far as I know) is something I've screwed up, not a problem
> with the ports build process; I just need some help setting things right.)
>       After a morning of updating various ports, the build process is
> broken; specifically, it _appears_ to involve "make".
>       (This happened on the 20th, but I don't think there's anything
> special about that days changes.)
>       Test case:
> huff@>> cd /usr/ports/misc/pciids
> huff@>> make clean
> 	... and nothing happens.
> 	After waiting a few seconds I start hitting 'ctl-t' and get this:
> load: 0.20  cmd: sh 41244 [running] 0.00r 0.00u 0.00s 1% 1388k
> make[2]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[11]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[1]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[3]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[9]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[7]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[12]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[14]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[6]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[5]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[4]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[10]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[15]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[13]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make: Working in: /usr/ports/misc/pciids
> make[8]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> load: 0.20  cmd: sh 41403 [running] 0.00r 0.00u 0.00s 2% 332k
> make[23]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[18]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[14]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make: Working in: /usr/ports/misc/pciids
> make[3]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[17]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[16]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
> make[9]: Working in: /usr/ports/lang/python33
>       until I ctl-c out.
>       I have no idea what happened; as far as I know there's no reason
> for this to try to build python.
>       Help, please?
>       Bewildered,
> 		Robert Huff
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What are you trying to do here?  You mention updating, but the command 
"make clean" only removes a working subdirectory after compilation. 
ctrl-t is used to display the current state of certain builds; typically 
this would be invoked like "make install clean."  Are you trying to 
build and install this port, update it, or something else?

Whether you have already installed pciids or are just updating it, 
"portmaster misc/pciids" should work.

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