Inproper ada# assignment in 10-BETA2

Jin Guojun jguojun at
Sat Sep 27 20:57:04 UTC 2014

Installed 10-BETA2 on SATA port 4 (ad8) and then added another SATA port 3 (ad6), the system has not correctly enumerate the ada # for the boot device.
As original boot (without the second SATA drive), the ad8 is enumerated as ada0 -- the boot drive:

Sep 24 22:51:30 R10-B2 kernel: ada0 at ahcich2 bus 0 scbus2 target 0 lun 0
Sep 24 22:51:30 R10-B2 kernel: ada0: <Hitachi HDP725050GLA360 GM4OA50E> ATA-8 SATA 2.x device
Sep 24 22:51:30 R10-B2 kernel: ada0: Previously was known as ad8

However, after added another SATA drive (ad6), this new drive is assigned to ada0, but ad8 has changed to ada1. This is incorrect dynamic device assignment. FreeBSD has kept using fixed disk ID assignment due to the same problem introduced in around 4-R (or may be slightly later), and after a simple debate, a decision was made to use fixed drive ID to avoid such hassle.

If now we want to use dynamic enumeration for drive ID# assignment, this has to be done correctly -- boot drive MUST assigned to 0 or whatever the # as installation assigned to; otherwise, adding a new drive will cause system not bootable, or make other existing drive not mountable due to enumeration # changes.

Has this been reported as a known problem for 10-R, or shall I open a bug to track?


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