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Fri Sep 26 00:18:18 UTC 2014

On 26/09/14 02:06, Dave Babb wrote:
> Good Morning All,
> Upon a recommendation of a fellow and very experienced FreeBSD user...I
> have switched from bash to tcsh as my user shell.  I have not and will
> not change the root's shell from sh.
> But regardless if I am at a CLI or in a terminal window on my "X" based
> desktop, tcsh is behaving strange. sh has the same issue.
> Let me explain: If I fat finger something into the cli....lets say
> "freeecolor -om"....If I was to place my cursor on the last "e" and
> backspace...everythings fine...However if I put my cursor on that same
> letter and press the delete doesn't delete the letter, rather
> it inserts a tilde "~". "sh" behaves the same way on my system.
> Does anyone know how I can correct this behavior?
> FreeBSD 10.0-Release-p9, x64.
> Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
> Sincerely and respectfully,
> Dave
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Hi Dave,

[As Erich mentioned, just saw it!] you can add the following to your 
~/.tcshrc file:

bindkey "\e[3~" delete-char

In light of bashbleed/shellshock, I half joked on Twitter that people 
should remove bash from their FreeBSD installs if they added it, and 
make tcsh their friend. Good to see people giving it a try, it's 
actually quite a nice interactive shell.

Cheers :)

Ruben Schade
VM chap in s/Singapore/Sydney/

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