pkg must be version 1.3.8 or greater

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Sep 24 18:16:45 UTC 2014

"William A. Mahaffey III" <wam at> writes:

> The portsnap messes with pkg's logic about what needs upgrading & what
> doesn't, there have been other posts on this topic over the last
> several weeks (notably from me) 

Aside from the fact that the package repositories lag behind the ports
tree (which is unavoidable until someone manages to procure some
infinitely fast computers on which the build clusters can run), I can't
tell which posts are in question.

>                                 .... Ports & Pkg's are usually updated
> by the maintainers about weekly, ports often/usually on Wednesday,
> Pkg's on Saturday.

Maintainers make changes whenever they want (except when a release is
being prepared, in which case major changes are discouraged, a process
often referred to as a "slush"). Packages are being built continuously,
and a full set seems to be taking three or four days at the moment. 

>                    My experience is that if you wait until Saturday,
> your 'pkg-upgrade' will work as desired & you will be off to the
> races.

If your particular ports updates happen to be getting committed
mid-week, that sounds about right. The build cluster will be fairly
certain to have built them into packages three days later. But, again,
there's no actual schedule.

>        Alternatively, you can 'pkg install -yf ....' your pkg & move
> on immediately .... In general, for me, you should do any pkg-upgrades
> *before* you mess w/ ports.

I would expect that to be less annoying than the other way around.

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