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William A. Mahaffey III wam at
Tue Sep 23 23:40:36 UTC 2014

On 09/23/14 16:03, Polytropon wrote:
> On Tue, 23 Sep 2014 15:46:45 -0500, William A. Mahaffey III wrote:
>> .... I am interested in the tor project (
>> for anonymizing my browsing. Inconveniently (but not surprisingly), they
>> don't have a prebuilt FBSD 9.3 package.
> FreeBSD has a port of Tor in its collection, but I don't know
> how far that can be used as an integration to web browsers...

Hmmmm .... I poked around w/ pkg & found nothing .... Is the port mature 
enough that it would have a pkg (just curious) ? If not, I will poke 
around in my ports tree

>> Even more inconveniently, they
>> use git for project management, which I know nothing about. I downloaded
>> & installed FBSD git (git-2.1.0) a week or 2 ago, & have been reading
>> the man pages, but am still a bit clueless (OK, fully & completely
>> clueless) as to how it operates, including how to download a software
>> tree to start with.
> That's easy: "git clone <source>", where the source is usually
> provided on the project page. This will get you a local copy of
> the source tree.

I tried that & it failed, but I think I was too far down the tree, I'll 
try again higher up ....

[root at kabini1, ~/dev, 4:12:27pm] 358 % git clone
Cloning into 'maint-3.6'...
fatal: repository 
not found
[root at kabini1, ~/dev, 4:12:37pm] 359 %

> Here are two "cheat sheets" for reference:

I have the cheat sheets, still a bit disoriented ....

> But keep in mind that this source tree usually contains the whole
> project source, not just the specific parts you'd need to build
> the software on FreeBSD.
> That's why there's the ports collection on FreeBSD: Software which
> is contained in it has been patched and approved to build on the
> FreeBSD operating system. If possible, use that, it's less proble-
> matic. Of course a git checkout of the _current_ sources will offer
> you a more recent version, but it may come at the price that more
> tweaking is needed to get a usable result.
> Git isn't much different (in purpose) from Subversion (svn) which
> FreeBSD uses to track versions, and there are many similarities to
> older version control systems like CVS (which FreeBSD previously
> used). You just "need" it to get the source tree and to update it
> (against the remote repository), that's all.

I just located the tor port & am compiling it as I write this, we'll see 
how it goes ....


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